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Volkswagen Car Hire with Sixt Rent A Car

Volkswagen - also known as VW - at Sixt Car Rental

Always a mark of superior quality, Volkswagen is one of the first names that comes to mind when hiring a car, and here at Sixt we are delighted to offer a range of Volkswagen car hire options to our customers. Whether you want the comfort and refinement of the Polo, the spaciousness and solidity of the Caddy or the all-round classic of the Golf, you can't go wrong with a Volkswagen car hire.

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Drive a Volkswagen around London

London, known for all its history, splendour and vibrancy, is an overcrowded city – especially when using public transportation at rush hour. So why not avoid the crush and hire a car with Sixt? With a car rental, the city opens up, and visitors to this multi-cultural metropolis find that driving allows the freedom, as well as the comfort, to take it at their own pace. A Volkswagen car hire promises both the reliability and economy that our customers want when they rent a car, and also allows visitors to London to enjoy this fascinating city without the heat and stress of the underground.

History of Volkswagen

Founded in 1937 in Lower Saxony,Germany, at a time when a car was considered a luxury item, Volkswagen, literally meaning "the people's car", was born from the attempt to make a car that was affordable to the general public and not just the wealthy. Over the course of the 20th century, Volkswagen grew in size and stature and is now one of the "Big Three" German car makers. Having produced several iconic vehicles over the years, including the camper van and the Beetle, the name Volkswagen is a byword for high quality engineering and reliability. Sixt is proud to offer Volkswagen car rental as part of our fleet.

However please note, that Sixt cannot guarantee the availability of Volkswagen car rental, however in the event of unavailability, an equivalent vehicle in the same chosen category will be provided.

Hire a Volkswagen Polo with Sixt Rent A Car



Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is a popular model for young drivers. It is safe, reliable and has this irresistable stylish look. Hire a Volkswagen Polo with Sixt and enjoy your ride.

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Hire a Volkswagen Golf with Sixt Rent A Car




Volkswagen Golf

Experience German manufacturing quality with the Volkswagen Golf - a model that has been further developed ever since it appeared on the market. Hire a Volkswagen Golf and drive with style.

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Hire a Volkswagen Caddy with Sixt Rent A Car





Volkswagen Caddy

The sturdy Volkswagen Caddy will probably store all your belongings without issues. Benefit from its spacious interior and hire your Volkswagen Caddy with Sixt now.

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Hire a Volkswagen Crafter with Sixt Rent A Car





Volkswagen Crafter

Volkswagen's largest van, the Crafter, provides a powerful and versatile solution to your transportation needs. With a nearly endless amount of space and load capacity, the Crafter is ready to take on any challenge.

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Hire a Volkswagen Transporter with Sixt Rent A Car





Volkswagen Transporter

The Volkswagen Transporter is a versatile and powerful multi-purpose van. With capacity to carry 9 occupants and flexible seating arrangements, your transport and moving needs will met with ease.

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