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At Sixt we can offer you cheap minibus hire at fantastic prices. Our modern fleet of minibuses and network of locations across the UK will ensure you have a pleasant experience when renting from Sixt.

  • Premium vehicles: Comfortable Minibuses available for up to 17 seater.
  • Global rental network: More than 4,000 branches around the world.
  • Trust in us: We have been perfecting our service since 1912
  • Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5  from over 8,842 reviews.

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At Sixt we know that you may have a lot of questions so we try to make it as easy as possible. If you can't find an answer below give us a call on 0844 248 6620.


Sixt offers the availability of cheap mini bus hire in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, including 15 passenger and 17 passenger vehicles. Our minibuses and people carriers are available through the UK. Book your minibus hire online for our lowest prices.

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VW Touran

VW Sharan

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Ford Transit
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Auto gearbox available

Cat. D1 required on licence      

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At Sixt we offer a variety of minibuses, ranging from the classic family 7-seaters to large 17-seater transit vans for big groups. All of our vehicles are available at realistic, affordable prices. No matter how big your group is, there are no big prices.

Our fleet includes

Sixt Rent A Car Minibus Fleet

Our minibus hire fleet is perfect for those times when your own vehicle isn?t quite big enough. The next time you plan a weekend break, rather than squeezing in amongst the kids, the bags and the picnic boxes, give yourself some extra space to enjoy the journey. You?ll even have room to invite those extra friends who you?ve always planned on going away with. If you?re used to travelling in convoy with your family friends, save on your fuel consumption by sharing a vehicle; the more the merrier.

For the ?back-to-university? run, our minibuses are a great solution for those teenagers who aren?t known to pack lightly. You can hire for just one day for really low prices! Our brand new vehicles will provide you with all the room you need, and save wear and tear on your own car.

Benefits of Sixt Minibus Fleet

Throughout the UK, our minibuses are available at every single Sixt branch. If you?re planning on hiring a minibus, it is essential that you read the important rental information so that you are aware of any restrictions. We want to make hiring your minibus as simple as possible, so if you don?t understand anything or need some more information, call us on 0844 248 66 20.




  • IVAR/MR you must be over 21 and have held your license for a minimum of one year.
  • FVMR, SVAR/SVMR you must be over 25 and have held your license for a minimum of one year.
  • COMN/CNMN you must be over 25 and have held your license for a minimum of 3 years.

Type of license

If you?re hiring a COMN or CNMN minibus then you will require a category D1 driving license. This category was automatically granted if you passed your test before January 1st 1997. If you were born after this date, you must apply for the D1 category. The age restriction for applications is 21 or over.

Category D1 allows you to drive vehicles with 17 seats, a maximum length of 8 metres and a trailer up to 750kg. According to the DVLA, drivers who received their licences prior to 1 January 1997 are able to drive minibuses provided their entitlement to drive minibuses (category D1) remains in force.

It is also important to note that non-EU citizens can only drive vehicles which have up to 9 seats (IVAR, SVAR and FVMR).

Travelling outside of the UK

Travel outside of the UK is permitted for IVAR/MR, SVAR/MR and FVMR minibuses. Please note that this may require additional costs. It is not possible to cross the UK border in a COMN or CNMN minibus.