Vauxhall Car Hire with Sixt

Hire a Vauxhall with Sixt Car Rental

Hiring a Vauxhall with Sixt Car Rental

For dependability and economy, going with a Vauxhall car rental from Sixt is never a bad option. Choose from a range of Vauxhall car hire models with Sixt, including the classic all-rounder the Corsa, the solid, dependable Astra, the punchy, charismatic Insignia, the family-friendly Zafira and if it's a van you're looking for, the Vivaro. A byword for quality, and with a vehicle suitable for whatever your needs may be, a Vauxhall car hire can make your trip stress-free.

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Take to the Spanish roads with a Vauxhall Car Rental

If you want a road trip in Spain, then the best way is with a Sixt car rental. Why not begin in sunny Malaga and then journey east along to the Sierra Nevada National Park, then further east to Almeria, to Murcia and then back westwards inland over the plains and mountains via Córdoba, Granada and Sevilla? For a journey like this, a reliable and efficient vehicle is necessary and hiring a Vauxhall with Sixt can make your trip so much smoother.

150 Years of Vauxhall

Originally a pump and marine engine manufacturer named Alex Wilson and Company, the origins of the company now known as Vauxhall begin in 1857 in London. In 1903 the first Vauxhall car was finished and in 1905, the company moved their factory to Luton where the headquarters remain today. Still a world renowned automobile brand and a long-standing aphorism for safety, durability and high-quality engineering, Sixt is proud to be able to offer our customers Vauxhall car hire vehicles.

Please note, that while we at Sixt endeavour to meet your requirements we cannot guarantee the availability of a Vauxhall car rental, however an equivalent vehicle in the same chosen category will be provided in the event of unavailability.

Hire a Vauxhall Corsa with Sixt Rent A Car



Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa is one of the models that every child would know. Popular for its reliability, the Vauxhall Corsa is a good car hire choice to make.

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Hire a Vauxhall Astra with Sixt Rent A Car




Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra is a sovereign and dependable car. Rent a Vauxhall Astra with Sixt and explore the cities of the world without any limits.

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Hire a Vauxhall Insignia with Sixt Rent A Car





Vauxhall Insignia

The elegant Vauxhall Insignia caters for higher needs as it is a safe and spacious car. Hire a Vauxhall Insignia now and prove style and quality consciousness.

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Hire a Vauxhall Zafira with Sixt Rent A Car




Vauxhall Zafira

You are looking for a car rental for your whole family? You need a car that is spacious enough to transport lots of luggage? No problem for the Vauxhall Zafira. Hire your Vauxhall Zafira now and experience comfort and space for every passenger.

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Hire a Vauxhall Vivaro with Sixt Rent A Car




Vauxhall Vivaro

No matter if you need a van to transport your belonings or if you need a third row to fit more people, the Vauxhall Vivaro will cater for your needs. Rent a Vauxhall Vivaro with Sixt and don't waste thoughts on space issues.

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