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When hiring a car, one of the first names that comes to mind is BMW, a name synonymous with stylish and well-built vehicles, and naturally, Sixt is proud to be able to offer a range of BMWs for car hire. From the economical BMW 1 series, to the family friendly BMW 3 series, to the smart and business-like BMW 5 series, as well as the spacious BMW X series, there is a BMW car rental at Sixt for all tastes and requirements.

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Driving in London? Rent a BMW!

A great way to see London, and further afield in Great Britain is to hire a car. Feel the inspiration behind countless artists, musicians and writers alike, as the urban sprawl of the capital slowly transforms into the rolling green fields of south-eastern England later itself giving way to the hills of the north and onto the Scottish highlands. Famous for its temperamental weather, and tendency to rain, choosing to hire a BMW is a great way to ignore the weather, whatever it may be, and continue your journey across this small yet influential island, steeped in history and cultural significance.

Bavarian Motor Works

One of the big three German luxury car manufacturers, BMW, or Bavarian Motor Works, was founded in 1916 in Bavaria, Germany, and over its almost 100 year history has grown into one of the world's foremost automobile brands. In 2010 alone, BMW produced nearly 1.5 million cars and 110,000 motorcycles, and in 2012 was listed as the world's #1 most reputable company by Forbes magazine. As a mark of quality, BMW cannot be beaten, and we at Sixt is happy to be able to offer their vehicles for car hire to our customers.

However, please understand that Sixt cannot guarantee that you would receive a BMW car rental, nonetheless, you will be provided with an equivalent vehicle in your chosen car hire category.

Hire a BMW 1 Series with Sixt Rent A Car



BMW 1 Series

With Sixt you will be able to hire a BMW 1 series in many shapes to drive all over the UK. Get a cheap BMW 1 series with Sixt at almost all of our locations. Experience a superiour driving experience for little money.

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Hire a BMW 3 Series with Sixt Rent A Car



BMW 3 Series

Taking a BMW 3 series is perfect for a family holiday. You will be able to hire a car and to comfortably take your whole family with you. If you are planning to go to Malaga or anywhere else in Spain you will be able to get a BMW 3 at an affordable rate. Drive in comfort in a BMW 3 series and profit from a reliable high quality car.

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Hire a BMW 5 Series with Sixt Rent A Car





BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 series is a great car for a business trip. At almost all of our locations you will be able to hire a BMW 5 series and show off at the client you are visiting. Drive in style in any city with this perfectly shaped car. No matter why you decide to hire a BMW 5, you will have a blast cruising on the interstate with this status symbol.

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Hire a BMW 5 Touring with Sixt Rent A Car




BMW 5 Estate

If you are looking for a BMW with a lot of boot space, Sixt offers the BMW 5 estate car making it easy to travel with a lot of luggage. With the BMW 5 estate you will drive in a luxurious way and have enough space for everyone who is traveling with you. Rent a BMW 5 estate with Sixt in the UK.

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