Audi Car Rental with Sixt

Audi Car Hire with Sixt Rent A Car

If you choose an Audi car hire with Sixt, you can be certain that there will be no compromise on quality. Whether it shall be the sleek, yet reliable A1, the spacious and luxurious A6 or the punchy and practical Q3, all are available for car hire with Sixt. Rent an Audi and know that safety and economy are paramount.

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Journey through Switzerland with Audi Car Hire

Planning a trip around Switzerland? Then why not take the hassle out of getting around and hire an Audi with Sixt? Passing through its picture-perfect Alpine valley villages and around its grandiose peaks, a road trip in Switzerland is a truly unforgettable experience. Tour this serene and breath-taking country with Audi car rental from Sixt and understand why this beautiful land inspired the celebrated romantic poet William Wordsworth in his search for "the sublime".

Vorsprung durch Technik

Famous for the slogan Vorsprung durch Technik, (Advancement through Technology), Audi are today one of the world's most trusted and reputable brands, and a byword for quality cars. The first Audi car was finished in 1910 and despite a 25 year disappearance from the market during the recession and the war years, the company returned in 1965 after a merger of four car companies. In 1966, Audi was acquired by the Volkswagen Group and have gone on to become pioneers in automotive engineering. Having sold nearly 1.5 million vehicles in 2012, they are now the leading contributor to their parent company and Sixt are proud to offer Audi car hire to our customers.

Hire an Audi A1 with Sixt Rent A Car



Audi A1

An Audi A1 is the ideal car for city trip. It is small enough to fit into every parking spot, economic enough to save money, but yet trendy.

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Hire an Audi A3 with Sixt Rent A Car



Audi A3

Take a spin in the stylish and practical Audi A3. This small family car will serve as a versatile and powerful car rental.

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Hire an Audi A4 with Sixt Rent A Car



Audi A4

Drive in the A4 with Sixt! Sixt offers affordable rates for all Audis. If you are looking for a cheap Audi for a weekend getaway, a Audi A4 is perfect.

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Hire an Audi A5 with Sixt Rent A Car



Audi A5

The Audi A5 Sportsback is both sporty and efficient. The smooth transmission enables this car to change the gear in just 0.2 of a second and has 213 HP to cruise on all of the motorways.

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Hire an Audi A6 with Sixt Rent A Car



Audi A6

If you are looking for a elegant and reliable limousine, the Audi A6 is the choice you have to make. Hiring an Audi A6 will guarantee a safe and comfortable trip without the need compromise.

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Hire an Audi A7 with Sixt Rent A Car




Audi A7

The Audi A7 convinces with superb handling and a smooth driving feeling. It will indeed make your ride exceptional. Drive in style with an Audi A7 or other Sixt luxury cars.

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Hire an Audi Q3 with Sixt Rent A Car



Audi Q3

There is no better way to feel secure and comfortable in a car. The Audi Q3 has style. Once you have driven a huge car like the Audi Q3, you will never want to go back to any other 4x4.

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Hire an Audi Q7 with Sixt Rent A Car




Audi Q7

Drive in the Audi Q7 with Sixt. If you are looking for a luxury 4x4 to drive throughout the UK, Sixt offers great rates on the Audi Q7!

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Hire an Audi R8 with Sixt Rent A Car




Audi R8

Drive one of today's most luxury cars - the Audi R8. Make heads turn when you drive the streets of London with the Audi R8!

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If you are looking to drive an Audi for a day or a month Sixt offers several services and Audi's to get the right service for you. When you hire a Audi with Sixt you know you will be in trusted hands with over 100 year old car rental company.

Sixt's Audi Fleet in the UK

Sixt Luxury Cars offer stylish, elegant and powerful Audis for rent, so just choose which type you prefer. Are you looking for the sportive Audi A5 Sportsback for rental, or would you prefer to hire the powerful Audi Q7? You could even treat yourself by renting the Audi R8 Spyder. With Sixt Luxury Cars all you need to do is choose and we'll handle the rest.

However, please bear in mind that Sixt cannot guarantee the availability of an Audi car rental. In the situation of a lack of availability, an equivalent car hire, from the same category will be provided.