Glasgow Chauffeur Service with SIXT

Arrive at any event in style and comfort with our Glasgow chauffeur service. The ultimate transportation mode, our professional, smartly dressed drivers are waiting to escort you in a classic black car that speaks volumes. With a variety of top-end, quality vehicles, we have you covered no matter the size of your travelling party. Perfect for weddings, reunions, high-end business meetings and nights out on the red carpet, chauffeur service with SIXT is an affordable way to add that touch of class to your travel experience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Chauffeur service booking options in Glasgow

When booking a Glasgow chauffeur service, you get to tailor-make your driving experience according to the event. Standard class is great for singles, couples and small groups, as is Business class for a touch more luxury. If you need to put your best foot forward, First Class options offer extraordinary cars with additional features. Large groups and families can opt for the Standard Van or Business Van option. All vehicles are from top auto manufacturers that will add flair and style to your arrival.

economy light


  • Up to 3 passengers
  • 2 pieces of luggage
  • e.g. Toyota Corolla, VW Golf
business class


  • Up to 3 passengers
  • 2 pieces of luggage
  • e.g. Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series
first class


  • Up to 3 passengers
  • 2 pieces of luggage
  • e.g. Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series
business van

Business XL

  • Up to 6 passengers
  • 4 pieces of luggage
  • e.g. Mercedes-Benz V-Class
standard van

Ride XL

  • Up to 5 passengers
  • 4 pieces of luggage
  • e.g. VW Multivan, Mercedes-Benz Vito

Why book our Glasgow chauffeur service?

Simple booking

Booking your Glasgow chauffeur service is easy and done through our website or app. In a few clicks you will be all set for a stylish ride at a fantastic price.

Fixed pricing

All our prices are disclosed when you complete your chauffeur booking. We can guarantee there will be no hidden costs or surcharges on the day of your event.

Premium vehicles

Feel proud and confident travelling in a high-end car no older than 6 months. With our selection of Mercedes Benz, BMW and other top brands, you will always arrive in style.

When to hire a chauffeur with SIXT in Glasgow

  • A classy wedding entrance: Hire a chauffeur for your wedding and make an appropriately impressive entrance, as well as adding that special touch to your big day. Alternatively attend an invited wedding with the same flair and style.
  • Visit the Theatre Royal: Attend a prestigious opening of a local opera at the 18th-century legendary opera house and theatre, The Theatre Royal. Step out of your exclusive chauffeur-driven vehicle and let your fellow guests know you’ve arrived.
  • Airport collections: When being collected as a large group and families from the airport. You may want that extra legroom, luxury, and added features that only come from hiring the best chauffeur-driven van. Relax and enjoy Glasgow the premium way.