Baby Seats - Rules, Regulations & Penalties in the UK

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Rules and regulations surrounding baby seats are important for the safety of your child and others on the road, so please ensure you stick to them to avoid any calamities.


First and foremost it is imperative that that you have the correct sized car seat for your child and it is installed correctly, it is estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Seat Check campaign that 7 out of 10 of car seats on the UK are not installed correctly, we urge you to not be another statistic.


How to travel with a baby and what to take along

Sixt prides itself as being a family run and orientated company; therefore the safety of you and your children is of paramount importance to us. To ensure that renting a car with Sixt is as carefree as possible, and without disrupting your daily routine too significantly we have compiled some suggestions to consider while traveling with babies and infants.


Flexibility: One of the most important things to consider while traveling with infants or babies is to be flexible; things may not go exactly according to plan and inevitably your child will become restless or tired. Therefore, have a back-up plan or be willing to make last minute adjustments.


Do your research: to decrease the likelihood of having to make drastic changes to your itinerary, research the area you wish to attend to ensure it's child friendly.


Bring treats: this will promote good behaviour; things like puzzles, toys, favourite books and colouring in paper should keep your little one occupied for long and short journeys alike. Drinks and snack are also important, not only for treats, but to avoid dehydration or a hungry tantruming toddler.


Safety first: first and foremost, the clothes you dress your child in is of paramount concern; especially if your child is able to walk, dress him/her in bright colours so they don’t get lost in large crowds and you can spot them easily from the distance. Another item to bring to ensure the safety of your infant is a first aid kit; fail to prepare or you prepare to fail. A few examples of what could include in your first aid kit could be: Sun cream, sterile bandages, anti-biotic ointment, liquid soap etc.

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Types of baby seats and benefits of each

The type of car seat you choose is dependent on both the age and weight of your child. These distinctions will determine which of the following you should purchase for your child. These guidelines are put in place to ensure the upmost safety for your infant.




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We strongly recommend the use of a high-back booster as these offer much more protection to the child and are a much safer option, some of the benefits to using a high-back seat are:


  • Provides head support
  • Usually offer the ability to position the shoulder belt properly and keep it in the correct place
  • Offer a more comfortable surrounding for the child


Travelling safely and with piece of mind


To ensure that when travelling with us you can do so with complete piece of mind, Sixt offer a wide range of modern baby seats, child seats and booster seats. We currently cover three major categories for children of all ages:

  • Group 0+ | Baby Seat: 0-13kg
  • Group 0/1 | Child Seat: 0-18kg
  • Group 1 | Child Seat: 9-18kg
  • Group 2/3 | Booster Seat: 15-36kg








For more information regarding what we have on offer, including specific examples of our child seats, please free to check out our booster seat page.