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Driving in Barbados can vary from other countries so it’s useful to know some basic rules and driving tips if you are planning to drive there. Sixt has provided this guide for our customers to read before you start your road trip.

Driving Tips Barbados
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Rules & Regulations

Here are some rules and driving tips that you should be aware of before you start driving in Barbados:

  • Make sure you read these rules and driving tips beforehand to ensure your safety when driving in Barbados.
  • Drive on the left hand side
  • Seatbelts are compulsory in Barbados for both drivers and passengers.
  • Children under 5 years of age must use an appropriate child seat.
  • There is no Blood Alcohol Concentration limit in Barbados, however there is a law for driving without due care and attention. So make sure that you don’t drink and drive anyway.
  • The use of a mobile phone while driving is prohibited, with the exception of a hands-free system.
  • At roundabouts, approach cautiously and follow the signs & road markings carefully and always give way to vehicles on your right.

Please make sure that you are aware of all the road regulations before you start driving in Barbados.

Sixt rent a car Speed Limits Advice

Speed Limits

Standard legal limits, which may be varied by signs.

  • city areas - 40 km/h
  • rural areas - 60 km/h
  • major highways - 80 km/h.

Always check the signs to be sure you're not exceeding the limit.

Papers Bring Along - Sixt Driving Tips

Things to Bring Along

It is compulsory to have the following equipment with you when driving in Barbados:

  • Full UK driver’s licence.
  • International driving permit.
  • Insurance documents.
  • Take a local road map as well as using a sat nav as the roads can be confusing to drive around if you are unfamiliar with them.
Driving Tips from Sixt rent a car

Additional Information

In Barbados the honk of a car horn is often used as 'hello' to a friend or 'thanks' for giving way. When a driver flashes their lights at you it generally means that they are giving way to you.

Always park in well-lit areas and avoid leaving valuables in your car.

Only park where there is a P sign or in the Bridgetown car parks to avoid getting a parking ticket.

The emergency services numbers are: Police 211, Ambulance 511, Fire Service 311.

Most roads are in good condition but watch out for potholes when you are driving in the countryside.

Be cautious when driving at night as most roads do not have pavements so pedestrians walk at the side of the road and can be difficult to see.

Some country roads are very narrow so drive with extra caution and care.

Barbados Petrol Stations can be found in and around Bridgetown, on the main highways along the west and south coasts, and in most inland parishes. Petrol stations are open 24 hours.

There are no toll roads in Barbados

Sixt has 3 branches in Barbados including one in St Michael and one in the capital city at Bridgetown airport.


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