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Sixt offers a wide rane of economy vehicles making it easy to save money on your car hire. Sixt economy cars are have not been on the roads longer then a year making it easy to drive a new car. Travel with Sixt's economy cars throughout the UK and world.

Sixt Economy cars in the UK and worldwide. Sixt Economy cars

An economy car faces a challenge of being serviceable with accepted safety standards, and at the same time be inexpensive and provide maximum usable space inside the car, so that every inch is fully utilised. In addition, it has to be simultaneously lightweight and durable, which makes it a desirable car for many people.

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We at Sixt are committed to help people residing or travelling in the UK to be able to move freely around the country. We have just the right car for every place, every purpose and every price. We have many options even for those who have a lower budget. We cover every type of transportation that you budget can handle with Sixt rent a car's economy class, which is classified under the category ECAR. This class contains a large number of popular low-end cars like VW Golf, Citro├źn DS4, Ford Focus, and Vauxhall Astra, easy to drive and inexpensive to rent. Check all of our cars in our fleet here!

How to hire an economy car

We especially recommend our economy cars for those who are renting for travelling long term. Our only criteria is that you must be above 21 years of age and have held a driver's licence for more than 12 months. An economy car with Sixt is not limited to renting a normal car. We also offer bigger low-cost vehicles, apt for moving. There are low-cost options for every requirement, and Sixt is a top provider in this field.

Why rent an economy Car

Well, the main reason would, of course, be saving money during the trip. Considering that you are already spending money on hotels, sight seeing, food and other necessary expenses during a trip, it makes sense to save money on the mode of transport itself. You cannot possibly skimp on the food or avoid visiting some places in order to save money. That would defeat the very purpose of the trip.

Comfort is another factor. When travelling in an area with good roads and proper signs, an economy car hire is all you need. Unless you are planning a ride on rough, mountainous terrain, or driving in a city with more potholes than roads, an economy car will do very well. Since most economy cars are lightweight, driving it around can actually be more comfortable and though they are generally on the smaller side, they can be quite comfortable.

Another important factor you can satisfy yourself is that you will be helping the environment. Economy cars by definition use less fuel than other types of vehicles. Less fuel means less exhaust, and less exhaust means you are contributing less to air pollution.

Next time you hire a car, do it economically, and do it with Sixt!