Rent a Automatic Vehicle with Sixt rent a car

Cruise around the world in an automatic car

Driving an automatic vehicle is a great way to explore into new cities. Sixt makes it easy to get a wide range of automatic rental vehicles. This is one of the most reliable car rental agencies that only offer road worthy vehicles for clients’ use. You can choose your automatic car hire from more compact and practical ones such as VW Golf to luxury models like a Bentley or Range Rover EVoque.

Automatic cars offer several benefits

An automatic transmission vehicle will let you relax a bit more than driving a manual transmission car on unfamiliar roads.
An automatic vehicle makes it easier for drivers who used to left hand drive to handle right hand drive condition.

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At Sixt we offer a variety of automatic cars for hire to suit different needs and budget when traveling to unfamiliar cities. Complete vehicle lists, capacities and their requirements are shown below.

Sixt BMW automatic car hire


When mobility is your first priority, hire cars or estates such as:

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

BMW 1 series

BMW 5-series Estate *NAV*

VW Golf Estate

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Automatic VW Rental in the UK with Sixt.



In need of extra space? Hire vans or MPVs such as:

VW Caddy 7 Seater Aut.

Ford Galaxy 7 Seater Aut.

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Automatic Range Rover hire with Sixt.



Travel without limits, adventure into off-road conditions with 4x4 vehicles:

Range Rover Evoque

Volvo XC 60 *NAV*

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Automatic Mercedes Benz Sixt Car Hire


Make your trip even more special, drive in style with sport cars:

Mercedes-Benz SLK Convertible *NAV* (PTAR)


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If you will be confined to London, it might be a good idea to rent a small, sporty car like an Audi A1 for a night out of town or a practical and easy to park VW Golf. However, if you have your entire family with you on vacation in the UK, consider leasing a van or MPV. Going out of town to explore countryside may require you to get a sturdy and tough off-road vehicle such as a Volvo XC 60 or Range Rover.

Renting a vehicle during your travel gives you the benefit of sightseeing at your own pace. You can choose tourist spots you would like to visit and take as much time as you want at each location. This is a more enjoyable way to see cities and countrysides of the UK as opposed to going with a tour group in a bus.

If you chance upon a pretty countryside village, you may spontaneously decide to stay the night and do not have to worry about catching a bus or train back to your hotel in the city. An automatic car hire will be a practical choice if you want to relax as you tour the country. Always choose a reliable car hire company such as Sixt if you decide to rent your vehicle.

ModelSeatsLoadAir ConditioningMinimum AgeMinimum Years of Driving License Held
Mercedes-Benz A-Class Aut. (new model)52 Suitcases/2 BagsYes251
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Aut.52 Suitcases/2 BagsYes251
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate Aut.53 Suitcases/3 BagsYes251
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Aut. *NAV*52 Suitcases/2 BagsYes251
BMW 1 series Aut.52 Suitcases/2 BagsYes251
BMW 3-series Aut.52 Suitcases/2 BagsYes251
BMW 5 series Aut. *NAV*52 Suitcases/2 BagsYes251
BMW 5-series Estate Aut. *NAV*53 Suitcases/2 BagsYes253
Audi A1 Aut.41 Suitcase/2 BagsYes251
Fiat 500L Aut.+advanced traction control51 Suitcase/2 BagsYes211
Skoda Fabia Estate51 Suitcase/2 BagsYes211
Skoda Rapid Estate Aut.52 Suitcases/1 BagYes231
Skoda Octavia Aut.52 Suitcases/2 BagsYes251
Skoda Rapid Aut.52 Suitcases/1 BagYes231
Skoda Octavia Estate Aut.53 Suitcases/3 BagsYes251
Vauxhall Astra Aut.51 Suitcase/2 BagsYes211
Vauxhall Insignia Estate Aut.53 Suitcases/3 BagsYes251
Citroën DS4 Aut.51 Suitcase/2 BagsYes211
Citroën DS5 Aut.52 Suitcases/2 BagsYes251
Volvo V60 Estate Aut.53 Suitcases/3 BagsYes251
Volvo V70 Estate Aut. *NAV*53 Suitcases/2 BagsYes253
VW Golf Estate Aut.52 Suitcases/2 BagsYes211
Ford Focus Aut.51 Suitcase/2 BagsYes211
ModelSeatsLoadAir ConditioningMinimum AgeMinimum Years of Driving License Held
Ford Galaxy 7 Seater Aut.53 Suitcases/1 BagYes251
VW Caddy 7 Seater Aut.53 Suitcases/1 BagYes251
Chevrolet Orlando Aut. (IVAR)53 Suitcases/2 BagYes231
ModelSeatsLoadAir ConditioningMinimum AgeMinimum years of Driving License Held
Mercedes-Benz M-Class *NAV*54 Suitcases/3 BagsYes303
Audi Q352 Suitcases/2 BagsYes251
Range Rover Evoque53 Suitcases/2 BagsNo283
Volvo XC 60 *NAV*54 Suitcases/4 BagsYes303
Volvo XC 90 *NAV*54 Suitcases/3 BagsYes303
ModelSeatsLoadAir ConditioningMinimum AgeMinimum Years of Driving License Held
BMW M341 Suitcase/2 BagsNo303
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible *NAV*43 Suitcases/2 BagsYes303
Mercedes-Benz S350 (XDAR)42 Suitcases/2 BagsYes303
Mercedes-Benz SLK Convertible *NAV* (PTAR)21 Suitcase/2 BagsYes303
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