Enjoy a truly unforgettable experience when you drive a Dodge supercar from Sixt. Each luxury sports car is designed with lifestyle and quality in mind. It is hand crafted in the company's Detroit factory, with a sleek, aerodynamic body, built from carbon fibre for weight reduction. Each interior is hand finished in the finest leather. Feel the power of the V10 engine as you open the throttle and accelerate smoothly away. Cruise the open road at speed to appreciate the high performance suspension system and confident braking. With such advanced technology, you can be sure of firm road holding in a range of conditions. The iconic Dodge luxury car is a stylish blend of form and function. This experience can be yours with Dodge rent a car from Sixt.


The evolution of an American global brand


Dodge Motor Company was founded just over a hundred years ago by brothers John and Horace Dodge. Within three years, it had become the fourth biggest automobile producer in the world. The brothers brought extensive experience and an established reputation to their new company, having previously built bicycle parts, and then engine components, in their Detroit workshop. Dodge vehicles were both durable and good value, so the brothers coined the word 'dependability' to promote their products. The word, like their vehicles, is now in worldwide use. Following the early death of the brothers within a few months of each other, the company produced the first steel enclosed car body, developed state of the art safety technologies and produced the ubiquitous Dodge truck. The 1950s saw the development of the first Dodge sports car, the iconic Dodge Viper. Today the company enjoys a strong position in the high performance car market. At Sixt we are delighted to offer Dodge car rental as part of our sports car experience.

Our Dodge fleet