Book taxis and hail rides with SIXT

With SIXT ride you can book taxis and hail rides all around the world. As well as being able to pre-book an airport transfer or a chauffeur and premium sedan, you are also able to book rides on-demand. Simply enter your destination on the ride tab of the SIXT app and then choose one of our taxi categories. You will then be picked up as soon as possible and can track your driver on our app. Book a taxi with SIXT and be picked up in a matter of minutes in cities all across the world. Check out our long distance taxi service if you need to travel between cities or for any other longer routes.

Hail a ride in seconds on the SIXT app

Once you have confirmed your pickup location and entered your destination on the app, you will then be able to choose an immediate pickup. While selecting your desired taxi class, you have the chance to leave a note for your driver and inform them that you need a child seat, or are traveling with a pet. All you have to do is make sure your credit card is linked to your account and you can easily pay for your ride wherever you are without having to have cash on you or even the correct currency.

Our top cities

You can book taxis and hail rides with SIXT all around the world. Below you can find a list of our UK cities.