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Sixt Car Hire Insurance Policies


When you hire a car with Sixt, you can rest assure that not only will you have a key of a top conditioned vehicles handed to you, Sixt will also provide an insurance which offers to cover loss and damage in case of accident, so you can drive worry-free and enjoy your trip wherever you go in the UK.  

What is included in our Protection Programme


Third Party Protection Programme

This provides cover for claims made against you for the death or injury of the other party in an accident. Third Party injury liability is unlimited.

It also provides cover for damage to their property, (liability limited to £5,000,000). However, the hirer, as the main driver, will be responsible for any costs in excess of this in respect of third party damage.


Damage Protection Programme

Damage Protection covers the cost of any repairs to damage on the vehicle caused be yourself (without purposes) or a third party.


Theft Protection

Theft Protection covers the cost of replacing the vehicle or its parts, should it be stolen. All drivers are liable for a damage deposit.


Damage Deposits

With our Protection Programme, we will provide cover for loss or damage to the vehicle but there are damage deposit amounts, which you are personally responsible for. The damage deposit amount you have to pay is shown on the front of the Rental Agreement.


Loss Damage Waiver

Loss Damage Waiver removes the drivers responsibility to a part of the vehicle in case of damage or theft. LDW is mandatory in Great Britain unless the customer is from the US or Canada and has insurance cover through their own credit card.

Under the Damage Protection Programme you are only responsible for the damage and our reasonable administration fees, which arise when we deal with these matters. However, you still have to pay an amount up to the damage excess amount every time you damage the vehicle or any replacement vehicle and if any replacement vehicle is lost or stolen. If the accident is third party's fault, we will try and recover the cost of the repair to our vehicle from the other party. If we are successful, we will be able to refund all or part of your damage deposit at that time.


Damage Excess Amounts

With Loss Damage Waiver, customer is only responsible for the following amounts in case of loss or damage to the vehicle:

  • £1,000.- for vehicle groups M***,E***,C***,I***,S***
  • £1,500.- for vehicle groups F***, L***, P***, X***

Northern Ireland:

  • £750.- for vehicle groups M***, E***, C***, I***
  • £950.- for all other car groups

Additional Cover Prices

Depending on your age and the type of vehicle rented, it is possible to pay an additional amount to lower the damage excess amount, which will be calculated during the online booking process or when you go to pick up your vehicle. For more information regarding our insurance policies, visit our Insurance FAQs or rental information page.

Additional Driver's Insurance

What to do in case of an Accident?

Conditions of our Damage Protection Programme