Moving Service. Professional Tips on How to Pack, Load and Transport Goods Securely and Safely

First of all, load any moving boxes, heaviest at the bottom and always well secured – those are the professional’s basics for loading a van or truck. And that not only applies to large-scale house moves, but also to the smallest of loads.

Keep an Eye on Total Weight

Every van has a maximum load limit or payload which you must NOT exceed. Our experienced staff at Sixt’s truck and van rental locations will be happy to provide you with the relevant information.

Important notice: The total weight is made up of the load to be carried and any passengers.


Formula: Total Weight – Unladen Weight = Payload in kg

Watch Weight Distribution

The largest safety risk is to place too many items in the wrong place inside the vehicle, as this can cause the van to become too heavy on one side and unstable, causing it to topple or become impossible to manoeuvre for inexperienced and even experienced drivers. Therefore:

  • Pack systematically: start with your moving boxes and pack heavy items at the bottom and lighter items towards the top.
  • Use every nook and cranny and leave no empty spaces, even the smallest items should be packed in boxes.
  • Don’t forget load securing devices. Securing nets and lashing straps help to keep the vehicle’s centre of gravity low and to stop loaded items from sliding about or even flying about inside the vehicle.
  • Ensure you have an unobstructed and full view. Position the wing mirrors appropriately prior to starting up the vehicle.

How to Use the Tail Lift Correctly

  • Remember to flip the toggle switch in the driver cabin prior to using the tail lift.
  • The maximum lifting capacity must not be exceeded.
  • Ensure there is enough space to lower/move the tail lift. No person is allowed underneath the tail lift.

Finally, there remains only one thing to say: avoid damaging your possessions by securing all items correctly.

Tip: You can easily order online from us  any packing materials, transport accessories and load securing devices you need, such as moving boxes, sack trucks or lashing straps.

Please remember:
If you do not secure the entire load correctly and this results in personal injury or damage to items, you will invalidate your insurance (e.g. fully comprehensive insurance)!  If you would like to rent a van, please reserve your removal van and any necessary removal accessories here or call us and we will be happy to help you: +44 (0) 207 0 188233*.

*Calls charged at local rate