Road Safety for Children

If you are travelling with children in your car it’s important to have the correct child restraints or booster seats fitted even if you are only travelling a short distance. Failure to do so is breaking the law and can mean that you are fined. Also if you are involved in an accident the correct child restraint could save a child’s life. Please read this guide that Sixt has put together on Road safety for children before your road trip so that you are fully informed on the matter.


By law you must wear a seatbelt where fitted in all vehicles and children must use a seatbelt and a child booster seat.


The driver can be fined if a child under 14 years old doesn’t wear a seatbelt or child restraint. If the child is over 14 years old then it is their responsibility to wear the seatbelt and they will receive the fine but you should still make sure that all passengers are wearing seatbelts. 

Children up to 12 years old and under 135cm tall must use the appropriate child restraint for their weight when travelling in the front or back seat of any vehicle. A child should use an adult seat belt when they reach 135cm or when they reach 12, whichever comes first.


Child restraints are important for keeping your child secure in a road accident. Unrestrained children can be seriously injured in a car accident.


Make sure that a child restraint fits in your car properly and is the correct size for the child using it.


Follow all the instructions correctly so that you install the child restraint correctly into your vehicle.


If you are unsure about getting the right child restraint or how to use it correctly ask for assistance from the shop that you are buying it from or the manufacturers. You could also seek help from your local road safety officer.