Dashboard Warning Lights

Because technology is getting more and more sophisticated, cars are too, especially dashboard warning lights. All new cars are now installed with lots of sensors that let you know when there is a problem with one of your cars functions and is indicated by dashboard warning lights.


Normally most lights will be orange or red. Some will indicate a minor problem which means that you can continue your journey but get the problem checked out at the earliest convenient time. Some warnings will be more serious and you may need to stop your vehicle straight away and get the problem fixed immediately.


Most dashboard warning lights will turn on as soon as you start your engine but they will turn off again after a short while. This is perfectly normal so don’t worry, its only when they stay on as you continue driving or when they turn on whilst driving that you need to take notice. Sixt has written this guide to give you more information about dashboard warning lights so that you know what to look out for.


Engine Warning or Malfunction Indicator Light

This light will turn on when there is something wrong with your engine. If this happens to you whilst driving you should get it checked out as soon as possible so that no further damage occurs to your vehicle. You can continue your journey however but make sure that you lower your speed slightly and don’t make any unnecessary hard accelerations.


Anti-Lock Braking System Indicator Light

This light will turn on when there is a problem with your anti-lock braking system. Your brakes should still be working as normal but without the anti-lock braking ability.


Battery and Charging Light Indicator

When this lights illuminates it will mean that your battery is not charging properly. This could be because your battery has come to the end of its life, there is an alternator fault, or a broken or loose alternator drive belt. If the Alternator belt is broken you will need to get it fixed before you restart your engine. 

Engine Overheating Light Indicator

If this light turns on whilst you are driving your engine is over-heating. You should pull over immediately and call for assistance.


Low Oil pressure Warning Light

This light will warn you when you are low on oil. You should add more oil straight away otherwise it could cause damage to your engine.


Brake System Indicator

This light will warn you when you have your handbrake on. If this light stay on after you have released the handbrake it could mean that you have low brake fluid.


Front Airbag Warning Light

This light will turn on when a passenger airbag has been turned off manually.


Tyre Pressure Monitor

This will indicate when you have the incorrect tyre pressure needed.


Low Fuel Indicator

This will show you when your car is low on fuel.


Most cars will also have a number of other dashboard warning lights including seat belt reminders, fog light indicator, full beam light indicator and lights to indicate when car doors are open. We hope that you have found our Sixt guide useful.