Car Security

Although car crime has fallen steadily over the last few years it is still important to know about car security. Modern cars have made it harder for thieves to steal cars but there are still plenty of things to look out for. A lot of car crime that is around now is believed to be more organised rather than opportunist.


Types of car theft that can happen include the following:


Key theft has become more prominent in recent years because it is almost impossible to steal a modern car without them. Car key theft now accounts for 70% of all cars stolen. When your car is parked at home don’t leave your keys on show as car thieves often burgle houses on the lookout for car keys.


If your number plate is stolen you should contact the police immediately. Number plates can be used by others to change the identity of their own cars and rack up fines for speeding and parking.


Due to the high price that platinum can now fetch, catalytic converter theft has become a new crime to look out for. Taller vehicles such as 4x4’s are more susceptible to this as the converters are easier to reach and also because of their larger engines there is more platinum to obtain.


If you use a portable sat nav don’t leave it on display when your car is parked, take it with you even if you are only stopping off for a few minutes. 

Car alarm

All modern cars are equipped with car alarms. They are normally triggered by sensors or switches that trigger off the alarm or siren when someone tries to open the car.


Steering wheel lock

Designed to lock the steering wheel so even if someone breaks into a car they won’t be able to just drive off with one of these in place.


Car immobiliser

This will prevent your car from working if a thief tries to steal your car without the correct key. It shuts down the fuel and ignition systems so that the engine is unable to start. Most modern cars have a chip built in to the key which notifies the car when the correct key is being used and turns the immobiliser off.



  • Car security can help to prevent crime so make sure that you take as many precautions as possible.
  • Always set your alarm when you leave your car parked somewhere.
  • Don’t leave anything in your parked car on display, such as sat navs, mobile phones, cd’s.
  • Make sure you take your car keys with you whenever you leave your car and don’t leave them on display when you are at home.
  • Make sure that you lock your car and close your windows whenever you leave your car unattended.
  • Park somewhere safe, either in a busy car park or street, or a garage if you have one.