Car Running Costs

Car running costs can add up so we here at Sixt have decided to provide a guide to help you out. Everyone who owns a car will know about insurance, petrol, road tax and servicing.



One of the most common car running costs is petrol so its good to know how to save money. Most people will use the closest petrol station for convenience but its much better to shop around if you want to save money.


The best way to do this is to look online and a good website to look at is which allows you to find the cheapest petrol stations in your area. If you have a smart phone you could also try downloading some apps like, Fuelsmart UK, Petrol Finder and PetrolPrices Pro. Although you have to pay for these they could end up saving you money in the long run so bear that in mind.


Another way of saving money on petrol is by using loyalty cards at supermarkets which reward you and save you money every time you use their services. A lot of supermarkets also have many other deals which can help save you money so make sure you look out for them.


Car tax

Every car in the UK has to have tax in order to keep it on a public road. If your car was registered on or after 1 March there is a tax band system in place based on fuel type and CO2 emissions. The tax is called VED (vehicle excise duty). Here is a list of prices below: 





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If your car was registered before March 2001 then car tax is based on engine size. If your Engine is 1549cc or smaller – 2013/14 rate = £140 per year (£135 in 2012/13). If your Engine is bigger than 1549cc – 2013/14 rate = £225 per year ( £220 in 2012/13).


Car Insurance

This varies depending on the type of car you have, how long you have been driving and whether or not you a have a no claims discount. Like most car running costs on our list this is another thing that is worth shopping around for. To get the best deal for your car try car comparison sites online to compare prices and get the cheapest price.



Cars lose their value as they get older but the amount the value of the car decreases depends on the age, model, mileage and condition.


Other car running costs

Other car running costs that all motorists will have to pay for throughout the year could include, breakdown costs, replacement parts, service and labour costs and parking and road tolls. Sixt hope that you have found our car running costs guide useful and we look forward to being your car rental provider in the future.


* Please note: All information was correct at the time of publication.