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Satellite Radio with every Sixt Car Hire

If you are contemplating a long journey by road, a car radio is an essential companion. Solo travellers can use their satellite radio to keep them company and help the miles to fly past. Singing along to the radio is also a popular pastime among groups of friends and families and can add a real element of fun to the trip as well as providing the chance to bond.  

Satellite Radio with every Sixt Car Hire

Sixt Rent A Car Provides you with a Car Radio with every Car Hire

The United Kingdom offers a large number of different radio stations to choose from, each of which specialises in different types of music. While many radio stations play all the latest chart hits, others specialise in music from a certain genre or decade such as rock music, country music, music from the 1980s or golden oldies that have managed to stand the tests of time. Whatever you want to listen to during your car hire , it is just a touch of the dial away. 

Satellite Radio car rental: Catch up with the News

Of course, a satellite radio offers much more than just music. Tuning into your car radio is a great way to keep up with the latest traffic news so that you can avoid certain traffic jams and diversions. While you drive you will also be able to listen to local and international news stories, while special talk radio stations offer gossip as well as commentaries on some of the hottest topics of the day.  

A Radio in every Sixt Car Hire

Sixt UK is one of the nation's leading car rental companies. Sixt Rent A Car provides a free satellite radio with every car rental, which means that you will be able to listen to the latest tunes from a wide range of radio stations as well as news and weather reports whenever you hit the open road with your rent a car.


So whenever driving starts to feel like more of a chore than a pleasure simply tune into your favourite car radio station and transform the trip into a memorable experience that you will want to relive time and time again.