Euros 2016 - Toulouse Travel Guide

Football is at the heart of the bustling French town of Toulouse. The natives love their team just as much as they do their speciality sausage and they’ve plenty of attractions just right for the footy fan. Take a look at Sixt’s streamlined guide to Euro Cup 2016 host Toulouse for top sports bars, unique must-sees and essential stadium facts. 

Toulouse City Map - Sixt Car Hire Euros Guide

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Watching the Games

  • The Stadium: The Stadium Municipal de Toulouse, also known as ‘mini Wembley’, has just undergone a facelift to be up to scratch for Euro 2016. The stadium holds 33,000 and also plays host to rugby games for the top-class local team. One star not typical for this green stage is Michael Jackson, who played a concert to 40,000 during his Dangerous World Tour in 1992.
  • Public Viewings: Each and every host city of the UEFA 2016 will have a Fan Zone set up where football fans of all nations can join together in the open air to watch the matches. The fan zone in Toulouse will be at the Allée Jules Guesde with a capacity of 30,000.
  • Sports Bars: Take a pit stop in the plush interior of the Melting Pot, an Irish pub by nature. Sip the frothy Guinness on tap pulled by the jolly staff and settle in to watch the game surrounded by home comforts. Located a short stroll from Toulouse’s famous Place Capitole, the George & Dragon has a great atmosphere making it of the most popular pubs in Toulouse with tourists and locals alike. With a unique range of cider and beer from Charles Wells brewery in England, you'll feel at home watching the footy here.


Stadium Municipal in Toulouse

Who's Playing in Toulouse

The teams playing in Toulouse are listed here in local time (GMT +1)


13th June - 15.00:



Spain Flag





Czech Republic

Czech Republic Flag


17th June - 15.00:



Italy Flag






Sweden Flag Icon


20th June - 21.00:



Russia Flag






Wales Flag


26th June - 21.00:










Support England in Toulouse

    • Where England are Staying: The England players are based in Chantilly, a town just North of Paris, for most of the Euro 2016 at the Auberge de Jeu de Parme hotel. We hear they are trying to stay in quieter towns after the noise problems in Krakow back in 2012!
    • Where they are Training: While staying in Chantilly, the team will be training at the nearby Chantilly FC. They are making a few improvements to the pitch before arrival and are apparently confident of their performance on the surface, with a good track record there.
    • Team Stats: No fewer than four matches are being played at Toulouse including one gripping knock out match. First up, on the 13th of June, is Spain vs Czech Republic, where the Czech team may have some surprises up their sleeve for the reigning champions. Italy, having won four World Cups but just one Euro Cup, will be eager to beat their opponent Sweden on the 17th June. The third match in Toulouse sees Russia take on Wales, where star striker Gareth Bale, scorer of the goals that propelled Wales to France, will meet with Russia’s strong defence.   

      Get Out & About in Toulouse

      • A cultural hit and fascinating to boot, the Cite de l’Espace is a must-see for all explorers. Marvel at the miles of exhibitions, real space craft, 5 hectares of gardens, immersive IMAX 3D cinema and the Planitarium and its similators that all reveal the wonders of the Universe. 
      • Fancy a rip around a slick track in latest-generation go-karts? Race you to Karting Montaudran, just a 20 minute drive south of the centre . Feel the power as you screech around tight turns and have your time measured to the thousandth of a second. 
      • Walk on water with the Ski Club de la Peniche, a water skiing club located in the historic centre of Toulouse. Zoom by grand architecture on your choice of board, skis or large buoys where everyone can get aboard. The lovely folk that run the club also bring out the BBQ and grill waterside on balmy summer nights.
      Toulouse City Guide
      Toulouse Sausage

      Toulouse Food & Culture

        • Local Delicacies: Toulouse sausage is the regional speciality of South-West France and carries a prestigious red label. There are tons of copycats sold in the UK that try to replicate its meaty deliciousness. For once get your teeth into the genuine article, only sold in a handful of markets in central Toulouse.
        • Embrace the Culture: Toulouse’s natives are avid sports fans as their rugby team, Stade Toulousain, is one of the finest rugby clubs in Europe. Eager to show their sportsmanship and proud of their beautiful town, you can expect a warm welcome from the people of Toulouse. 

          Driving in Toulouse

          Residents and travellers alike relish driving in Toulouse as its well-connected road network and underground parking make the journey a breeze. Brush off the sticky heat of a tour bus and get behind the wheel to have perfect freedom. Cruise by and tick off the sights such as the Cathédrale St-Etienne, the Museum of Natural History and even drive over the Pont Neuf, one of the most beautiful bridges in France. Once you’re clued up on how to drive in Toulouse, you can take to the country roads and make the 2 hour drive to the west coast. Here the yellow sands of the Portigragnes and Serignan beaches brush the sublime blue oceans of the Mediterranean

          Toulouse Driving Tips

          Important Distances

          Parking Tips in Toulouse

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