Euros 2016 - Paris Travel Guide

Paris is known as the city for lovers but this summer is the season for football lovers. The French capital boasts two spectacular stadiums, more bars and restaurants than you can shake a baguette at, and most importantly, will host the nail-biting Euros 2016 final. At Sixt we’ve put together this convenient guide to Paris so you can pack in plenty of unique attractions while you’re there. Trust us for off-the-radar sights, a game-play breakdown and all the essential footy facts.  

Paris City Map - Euros Travel Guide

Watching the Games in Paris

  • Public Viewings: The Fan Zone in Paris will have space for 120,000 supporters and will be situated on the Champ de Mars, below the Eiffel Tower. Aside from endless photo opportunities, there you will find entertainment, a stage for concerts, a village by the sponsors of the cup, places to eat, giant screens, and much more.
  • Sports and International Bars:    Looking for somewhere to watch the match and sample some local brews? Depending on how local you want the brew to be, you can head straight over to The Bombardier which is – you’ve guessed it – an English pub serving a full range of English ales and bitters on draught. Its renowned for getting rowdy during England fixtures, and we are sure there will be a sizable crowd quenching their thirst throughout the tournament. The biggest sports bar in Paris is Le Players, with two floors offering standing and seating space so you can comfortably grab food there too. They have over thirty screens throughout the bar, and its guaranteed to be packed full of every nationality at all times of the day.

Stade de France

The Stade de France is the biggest stadium in France with an 80,000 capacity and will be host to both the opening game and the Final.The Stade de France is the biggest stadium in France with an 80,000 capacity and will be host to both the opening game and the Final.


Stade de France Football Stadium in Paris

Match Fixtures at Stade de France

Parc des Princes

The Parc des Princes is located in the southwest of Paris, just two and a half miles from the Eiffel Tower, and can hold 49,000 fans. Home to Paris local legends PSG or Paris Saint-Germain, this more central stadium features some epic upcoming Euros matches.


Parc des Princes Stadium in Paris

Match Fixtures at Parc des Princes

Show your Support in Paris!

    • Where England are Staying: The England players are based in Chantilly, a town just North of Paris, for most of the Euro 2016 at the Auberge de Jeu de Parme hotel. We hear they are trying to stay in quieter towns after the noise problems in Krakow back in 2012!
    • Where they are Training: While staying in Chantilly, the team will be training at the nearby Chantilly FC. They are making a few improvements to the pitch before arrival and are apparently confident of their performance on the surface, with a good track record there.
    • Team Stats: Ireland will begin their campaign at the Stade de France squaring up against Sweden. Zlatan is the Swedes not-so-secret weapon, but with an arena of 60,000 fans behind them, the Irish are certain to give it everything they’ve got and stand a good chance of winning. Northern Ireland will be hoping for the best in their match against World Champions Germany at the Parc des Princes. Germany are the bookies favourites to win the competition, with the World Cup success behind them and strong players in every position. Let’s not forget though that they haven’t won the Euros since 1996. By contrast, Spain have won the previous two tournaments and will be looking to take an unprecedented third. The greatest challenger will of course be France: the host nation, and twice the previous finalists. They’ve got an incredible roster of players with upcoming stars such as Paul Pogba, and they are certain to have an incredible crowd behind them at every match.
      Paris City Guide - Euros 2016
      Versailles in Paris

      Sightseeing Tips in Paris

      • The Catacombs: Delve into Paris’ dark underworld and tour winding tunnels lined with thousands upon thousands of skulls. In the eighteenth century, bones from over-filled cemeteries were transferred to underground quarries, by night in carts followed by a processions of singing priests. Ever since these Catacombs of Paris have been an object of curiosity for Royalty and citizens alike and even Napoleon had a snoop around.  
      • Monet’s home in Giverny: For a real escape from the city, why not drive out to Giverny a traditional, beautiful French village just an hour and a half from central Paris. In this small place you can take a walk around the house and gardens that were once home to Claude Monet
      • Versailles: Not had enough of the French Baroque buildings and in Paris? Well then, take the short 45 minute drive out to the Palace of Versailles, where you can gawp to your heart’s content at the lavish and unprecedented splendour of Louis XIVs ‘ancien regime’ – and ego.

      Paris Food & Culture

      • Local Delicacies: The king of ham and cheese toasties, the Croque-Monsieur, was originally crafted in Paris and is still beloved by the nation. For ultimate on-the-go comfort food, bite into the crisp fried bread dripping in melted cheese and stuffed with lashings of ham. Or opt for its ladylike counterpart, dubbed the Croque-Madame, topped with a golden fried egg. For those with a more sizable appetite, be comforted in the knowledge that steak-frites (exactly what it sounds like: steak and chips) is a quintessential dish that is sold almost everywhere. For dessert grab some macarons or a veinnoise: the former are almond-based round cookies that are delicate and sweet, whilst the latter is a soft, sugary bread that’s at its best when filled with chocolate chips. Of course, the ultimate late night snack in Paris is a crepe. Eat it sweet or savoury, street vendors can be found all over the city making these soft treats long into night.

      • Embrace the Culture: To many people Paris is the apex and embodiment of French culture; it’s got the food, the architecture, the fashion. As a city on the global stage it is undoubtedly influenced by international tourists and tastes, and there are few things you may want that cannot be found here.
            Crepes Paris Street Food
            Macarons Paris Food

            Driving in Paris

            In France, all roads lead to Paris. With a great motorway network spanning out around it, from the capital you can reach any destination north or south easily. Equally, its no more than a few hours drive to any one of the port crossings on the coast, meaning travel to and from the UK is a breeze too. Find the best way to drive with our guide to driving from London to Paris. With a car in Paris you are free to tour the city and its surrounding areas, as well as chase the football across the other venues. With the freedom and ease of having your own vehicle, there’s no need to get caught up in the crowds on the metro or at Paris’ central stations.



            Paris Driving Tips

            Important Distances

            Parking Tips in Paris

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