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If you are travelling to Switzerland you can drive until your heart’s content when you use Six car rental. We offer drivers a variety of cars at affordable prices to help you have a pleasurable time on your road trip. Driving in Switzerland varies from the UK so in order for you to travel safely Sixt recommends that you look at our guide for driving tips and advice.

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Rules & Regulations

Here are some rules and driving tips that you should make yourself aware of before you start your road trip in Switzerland.

  • When driving in Switzerland remember that you have to drive on the right hand side of the road.
  • All front and back seat occupants must use seat belts. National requirement is that children up to 12 years of age and under 150cm have to be placed in a child restraint approved to UN ECE regulation 44.03.
  • You must be aged 18 or older and hold a valid driver's license.
  • Drinking and driving limits - If the level of alcohol in the bloodstream is 0.05 per cent or more, severe penalties are handed out and include fines or prison. The police may request any driver to undergo a breath test or drugs test. Visiting motorists may be forbidden from driving in Switzerland for a minimum of one month.
  • From 1st January 2014 a lower limit of alcohol in the bloodstream of 0.01% will apply for new drivers who passed their test within 3 years and professional drivers.
  • Use of dipped headlights during the day recommended for all vehicles. Compulsory when passing through tunnels even if they are well lit, a fine will be imposed for noncompliance. From 1st January 2014 the use of dipped headlights is compulsory for all vehicles at all times.
  • Third-party insurance is compulsory.
  • Use of mobile phones is prohibited whilst driving in Switzerland.

Please make sure that you are aware of all the road regulations before you start your trip in Switzerland.

Sixt rent a car Speed Limits Advice

Speed Limits

Standard legal limits, which may be varied by signs are as follows; In built-up areas 31 mph (50 km/h), outside built-up areas 49 mph (80 km/h), semi-motorways 62 mph (100 km/h) and 74 mph (120km/h) on motorways.

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Things to Bring Along

Snow chains are compulsory in areas indicated by appropriate signs and must be fitted on at least two drive wheels. All vehicles with spiked tyres are prohibited on motorways and semi motorways except for certain parts of the A13 and A2.

Snow tyres are not compulsory, however vehicles which are not equipped to travel through snow and which impede traffic are liable to a fine.

Each motor vehicle must be equipped with a warning triangle which must be kept within easy reach (not in the boot). This must be used in any breakdown or emergency situation.

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Additional Information

In Switzerland, pedestrians generally have right of way and expect vehicles to stop. Some pedestrians may just step in to the road when on crosswalks and will expect your vehicle to stop. If you are on holiday in Switzerland and in need of a car rental you will be pleased to know that Sixt has a number of branches scattered around the country.

You can visit Bern, the capital city of Switzerland and use your Sixt car rental to travel around the city. Be sure to check out the Old town, the Baeren Park which is home to four brown bears, the Zytglogge which is a stunning clock tower, the Bern Munster a gothic cathedral with fantastic architecture or the stunning River Aare.

You might also want to take a trip to Geneva, packed with lots of museums, cathedrals and theatres, Zurich the largest city in Switzerland, or Basel known for its cultural significance. Switzerland is also famous for its many mountains with the Swiss Alps in South and the Jura mountains in the north.

Wherever you are in Switzerland you are bound to be near a Sixt car rental branch enabling you to make the most of your road trip.

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* Please note: All information was correct at the time of publication.

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