Driving Tips from Sixt

Because we want you to enjoy your road trip and travel safely we are offering you some driving tips for when you are abroad and in need of some advice. Please pay close attention to our driving tips and make sure that you obey all local laws wherever you are driving, The areas we will cover in each of our guides are: 

Worldwide Driving Tips

Rules and Regulations

Driving Tips - Sixt

In our rules and regulations section we will offer advice on areas such as legal ages for driving a car in that particular country, which side of the road is the correct to drive on and any information on drink drive limits as well as any other useful information we feel would be of a benefit to your trip. 

Speed Limits

Speed Limits - Sixt rent a car

An extremely important section we wanted to cover in our driving tips guides was the varying speed limits that are in place in the countries we have covered, these can vary greatly so it's vital to be aware of these when you're visiting a new destination.

Things to Bring Along

Important Things to Bring - Sixt rent a car

It is compulsory when driving abroad to carry certain documentation and equipment which might not necessarily be needed when travelling in the UK so we have clearly outlined these in our handy things to bring along section. 

Additional Information

Additional Information - Sixt rent a car

When driving abroad it’s important that you have your full drivers licence with you at all times and any other necessary documents that are needed.

Sixt car rental wants you to relax and have as much fun as possible whilst you are navigating around a foreign country so read our driving tips carefully before you set off.