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Av. Capitan Carlos de León, 15620 Mexico City


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07:00 - 23:00

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  • 2.9 / 59 Ratings

Genevieve N.

Hello à tous. Je loue tous les ans un véhicule chez Sixt en arrivant à l’aéroport de mexico car je voyage avec mon chien. Ils sont très aimable, accueil au top dans le kiosque à l’aéroport qui fait appel à la succursale pour qu’une voiture viennent nous chercher et nous y ramener. Personnel très serviable et aimable.

En arrivant à la succursale, voiture prête, propre. On fait les formalités et une pre autorisation pour la garantie avec la carte de crédit RAS. Personnel très aimable toujours, on m’aide à charger ma voiture avec la cage de transport de mon chien.

Au retour, il a une station essence tout près pour refaire le plein. J’ai rendu une voiture très sale car le Mexique c’est très poussiéreux.... pas de problème....


Assurance au tiers inclus.... ne pas prendre de fonction GPS et plutôt utiliser Waze avec Free mobile (internet inclus au Mexique 25giga).


Qualité prix très bien, véhicule AVEO de base mais plutôt neuf.... ras pour se mélanger aux gens et passer inaperçu. Pour 12-13€ par jour y’a pas photo.


Je recommande et je reviendrai.


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Hello everyone. I rent a vehicle from Sixt each year when I arrive at mexico airport because I travel with my dog. They are very friendly, welcome at the top in the kiosk at the airport which calls the branch for a car to pick us up and take us there. Very helpful and friendly staff.

Arriving at the branch, car ready, clean. We do the formalities and a pre authorization for the guarantee with the RAS credit card. Very friendly staff always, I am helped to load my car with the transport cage of my dog.

On the way back, he has a petrol station nearby to refuel. I made a car very dirty because Mexico is very dusty .... no problem ....


Third party insurance included .... do not take GPS function and rather use Waze with Free mobile (internet included in Mexico 25giga).


Quality price very good, basic AVEO vehicle but rather new .... flush to mix with people and go unnoticed. For 12-13 € per day there is no photo.


I recommend and I will come back.

Irving B.



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Nick R.

If you're like I was looking for a car to rent in Mexico City, it's a bit daunting. I constantly came across horror stories about their rental companies overcharging them, charging them for damages they didn't commit, forcing them to buy their CDW insurance, etc. Out of all the reviews I read, it seemed like Sixt was the best option, and I have to say they did not disappoint. We got the car for a very reasonable and affordable rate. The car was relatively new and in great condition (a number of cosmetic scratches but they evaluated the car's damage with us present as they recorded the damage). The car also came with a full tank of gas, which was great and not something I've heard other companies at MEX do. The car came with unlimited miles and the third party insurance, and they allowed us to use our credit card's insurance without even the slightest pushback. They did put a 20000 peso hold on our card, but from what I've seen that's pretty normal. Just make sure you have enough on your credit card to sustain that. When we returned the car, they did their evaluation and released the hold and sent us on our merry way (total time to drop off the car probably took 15 minutes total). Overall a great experience and the car was great - definitely made the travel around Mexico way less stressful. If you're like me who was really struggling to find a rental company that seemed reliable and "not-sketchy", I would highly recommend Sixt. They were straight-forward and gave us a great car at a great price that allowed us to have the most amazing trip in Mexico.