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Nick R.

If you're like I was looking for a car to rent in Mexico City, it's a bit daunting. I constantly came across horror stories about their rental companies overcharging them, charging them for damages they didn't commit, forcing them to buy their CDW insurance, etc. Out of all the reviews I read, it seemed like Sixt was the best option, and I have to say they did not disappoint. We got the car for a very reasonable and affordable rate. The car was relatively new and in great condition (a number of cosmetic scratches but they evaluated the car's damage with us present as they recorded the damage). The car also came with a full tank of gas, which was great and not something I've heard other companies at MEX do. The car came with unlimited miles and the third party insurance, and they allowed us to use our credit card's insurance without even the slightest pushback. They did put a 20000 peso hold on our card, but from what I've seen that's pretty normal. Just make sure you have enough on your credit card to sustain that. When we returned the car, they did their evaluation and released the hold and sent us on our merry way (total time to drop off the car probably took 15 minutes total). Overall a great experience and the car was great - definitely made the travel around Mexico way less stressful. If you're like me who was really struggling to find a rental company that seemed reliable and "not-sketchy", I would highly recommend Sixt. They were straight-forward and gave us a great car at a great price that allowed us to have the most amazing trip in Mexico.

Derek S.

I was given a price online which was the same price when I picked up the car and dropped off the car. The car was perfect, and the people were very nice. I will be renting from them again. Thank you for not doing bait and switch like most other rental car agencies do.

Tristan B.

Read all the horror stories renting a car in Mexico and found Sixt was good. Office was difficult to find since I was given bad directions, but I found the small office. Once papers are done, shuttles takes you to the lot (2-3 minutes). Rate came with the Mexican third party insurance and unlim km's included. CDW damage was covered by my Capital One credit card benefit. Doing this requires between $1300-1600CDN deposit on your card (20,000-24,000 Pesos). It gets returned in full if there is no new damage. I highly recommend that you document all dents and scratches, even if it seems small or irrelevant to you to protect yourself. Secondly, take pictures of the ENTIRE car, one picture per door at least, the inside of the car, the trunk, the roof and underneath the car as well! Then detailed pictures of all existing damages. This can help protect you on return, you can show any damage was existing. Credit card hold was returned 2-3 days later, so if you have a small credit card limit, make sure you have enough room. All in all, I had no problems with them, and if I return to Mexico, I will rent with Sixt again.

Marçal S.

Sales clerk was nice and helpful. They provide a superior service quality.

Richie B.

New Post:


I just rented from them again last week. As usual, the service was exemplary. They didn't have the luxury model I reserved so they gave me an SUV which was satisfactory. My prepaid rate was honored, and I got no hassles from them. This is definitely the place to rent from, no surprises at the end!


The guy at Sixt told me to take pictures of every little dent on the car so I took pictures around the car. There weren't many and I had no problems.


Original Post:


I've rented from them twice in Mexico City.


First time, I rented a cheap compact and got a Ford Fiesta. It was all bumped up and had scratches all over with plenty of miles on it.


Second time, I reserved standard and got a VW Jetta. It was pretty new and had low miles. The car was in great shape.


Neither times did they try to charge me extra. I was concerned about the Fiesta, they could have claimed there was a new scratch on it, but they didn't.


The paperwork seems to take a little longer, but that is true for the other rental agencies. In fact, other rental agencies take longer because I am always arguing over the insurance scam.


Sixt includes liability insurance in their rates. They didn't show lower rates then surprise me at the end with extra charges for liability insurance. That is why I go to Sixt all the time whenever I am in Mexico. The service has been consistent and pleasant.

Jeremy A.

Have rented a car 3 different time and service was great. And they even took us back home one time and another time they took up to the airport to get a very reasonable taxis fare back home. Been great for us.