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Once you've landed at Thessaloniki Airport, you can easily hop on a taxi, train or bus just outside the airport and take around an hour's journey to our car rental office in Katerini. It's located just on the Old National Road, just as you enter Katerini itself. We also have two additional convenient branches in town where you can hire a car. One is at the Mediterranean Village Hotel and the other is at the Poseidon Palace Hotel, both straddling the beach. Our car hire process is quick and easy and your vehicle will be ready to pick up and drive away, whether you're heading into the centre to see the Castle of Platamon, making your way straight to Aralia Beach or checking into your hotel for a relaxing drink.

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Hire a car in Katerini

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It's easy to find our rental cars in Katerini. Simply go to the main website and use the search function or map tab to locate the destination. You can then select your chosen branch for car hire in Katerini and see all necessary information, including location and opening times. At least one of our office branches is open on any day of the week and full information is detailed online. You'll find plenty of enticing hire options to choose from, whether you need a rental vehicle for the weekend or a longer holiday. Please remember that we will always guarantee you your reserved class of car hire, but we cannot guarantee exact models. Keen to see a quote? Use our simple price comparison tool online to quickly see the prices of different vehicles on offer and then book in just a few easy steps via the website, app or by calling our friendly team. Remember, we offer excellent rental vehicles on a highly flexible basis - from an hour to a month! Just take a few minutes on our website and your reservation will be made and secure.

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Our Service

You're guaranteed a top-quality, affordable and excellent customer experience when you organise your car rental in Katerini with us. We have a wide range of vehicle categories on offer, from nippy city models through to family-friendly 4X4s, sizeable coupes or fun convertibles which are perfect for cruising along the coastline or exploring the mountain roads. We offer useful extras that help you to make the most of this popular tourist spot, such as our sat nav rental service to make it easy to find local attractions, booster and child seats, free cancellation and rebooking without charge, unlimited mileage and third party insurance. You'll also notice that all of our vehicles are generally new and all in excellent condition. Got a smartphone to hand? You can even use our app to choose your vehicle half an hour before you pick it up!

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Traffic Infomation

Katerini is a busy tourist location thanks to its wealth of cultural offerings, stunning natural beauty, stretching beaches and a fantastic local food scene. It's also a stress-free destination for driving, thanks to well-kept roads, light traffic and excellent signposting. There is one main road into Katerini which is particularly straightforward to navigate, the Periferiaki Odos, which you can pick up from the airport and then head straight on following signs to Katerini-Athens. Once in Katerini itself, you will find well-marked and winding roads that take you on a leisurely route to local attractions such as Litochoro village and the Olympos mountain base, where you can park, pop into the cafe and enjoy views that stretch as far as Athens. Just keep an eye out for speed cameras as driving in this sun-soaked coastal spot can be fun and no one wants to get a ticket!

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Our Tip

Katerini is a hidden gem that is often overlooked by visitors heading to Thessaloniki and other larger resorts in northern Greece. The seaside location of the town is a major draw, with 80km of pristine beaches to explore, as well as the historic and archaeological sites, such as Dion village which dates back to 5,000 BC. The beaches of Paralia, Korinos and Olympiaki Akti are particularly popular with tourists and locals alike and a great choice for sun-seeking or watersports. Take a leisurely drive out to Litochoro village for superb views and enjoy the wonderful shopping and food on offer in the town itself. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and independent boutiques in the main tourist area of Paralia Katerini, and nothing nicer than enjoying a cold drink on a terrace that overlooks the beach, perhaps with a large plate of the freshest mezze. Love great wine? Don't forget to head to Rapsani to discover local vineyards and fantastic vintages, all with their own rich stories and history.

Rental FAQs

Got a question about our car rental service? No problem - you can find our FAQ pages here.

Sightseeing Destinations

Katerini is very easy to explore with your rental vehicle and great fun to drive around. Use your rental to explore the stretching white beaches and choose our more spacious 4X4s or vans if you want to transport diving, sailing or snorkelling equipment down to the beach edge. You'll find your vehicle ideal for getting around this area which is definitely best served by road. A top visitor destination is Mount Olympus and you can drive up to the base to explore the mountain paths and take in the views. Head to the ancient ruined village of Dion to see ancient Greek cultural artefacts and enjoy a guided tour, or visit the medieval fortress of Platamon Castle.Distance to Mount Olympus

  • From Thessaloniki Airport: Three hours and 105 miles.
  • From Katerini: about 2 hours of leisurely driving, and 44 miles

Distance to Dion ancient village

  • From Thessaloniki Airport: 1 hour 20 minutes and 70 miles
  • From Katerini: 20 minutes and 7 miles.

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Business Destinations

Katerini is home to many thriving small businesses in the city centre, including those in the retail, tourism and hospitality and service industries. There are over 230 hotels in the city alone! These businesses serve local people and visitors alike and tend to be independent in nature. Outside the city, agriculture is the primary industry and it thrives, producing kiwifruit, tobacco and nuts. Nearby Thessaloniki is a larger business destination and easily accessible by road.

Distance to Thessaloniki Technology Park

  • From Katerini: 1 hour and 58 miles
  • From Thessaloniki Airport: 11 minutes and 6 miles

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