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Electric Car Hire

In the past few years a rising awareness of greenhouse gas emissions and a civil movement that cares about the environment could be noted. These environmental concerns force the automobile industry to react and to adapt their car models to their customers' ideas. As old conventional cars with common combustion engines may cause massive air pollution, a new means of propulsion had to be thought of. The electric car is not a recent invention. Its history goes back to the 19th century but is now experiencing a hype. Electric cars do not need any fuel which also means that drivers are not at the oil companies' mercy. Instead, they take advantage of electrical energy which is stored in a battery.

Whereas Sixt cannot offer electric car hire at this very moment, we are proud to announce that we will include electric cars to our fleet in the future. In the meantime we recommend to hire an economy car.

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Electric car hire London - visit Big Ben





Electric Car Hire London

Cruising through London is easy and convenient due to electric car hire. By renting an electric car, London is accessible without the hassle of figuring out how public transportation works and without the need to rely on catching a taxi. Pass by London Eye, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben by using electric car hire. You can even drive out to Stonehenge with your rental car. Zero emission and environmental friendliness is guaranteed with your electric car. London by bike is another option but can get quite wet as London is known for being rich in rain. Hire an electric car now and explore United Kingdom's beautiful capital city.



Be Smart

Electric car hire London means seeing the city without any concerns of where to find the next gas station. Hire an electric car and don’t waste thoughts on fuel. Very convenient as run by battery, electric car hire is the perfect solution for everyone who has a heart for the environment but does not want to miss the comfort of a high quality car. Sixt Car Rental has many stations throughout London what makes car hire fast, efficient and hassle free. Book your Sixt car now and profit of low prices in the UK for rental cars. Sixt Rent A Car makes your journey through London complete.



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