Car & Van Hire - Photo Driving Licence, have you checked yours?

Did you know that your Photo Driving Licence has a renewal date? Are you risking a hefty fine? Sixt rent a car gives you the facts on your licence - don’t get caught out!

The photocard driving licence was introduced in 1998. Many of you now hold this version of a UK driving licence, but do you fully understand the photocard or know that it is only valid for 10 years?

What does it all mean?
Take a look at your licence. The first thing to point out is that the key to the numbers on the front of your card, is actually on the back of your photocard.
Points 1, 2 and 3 show your personal data.

Point 4 is an area you need to pay particular attention to as this is the validity section of your photocard and something which many people do not realise exists. 4a shows the date that your photo is valid from, but did you know that your photocard expires and needs renewing?  4b shows this date, which will be 10 years from the date of issue.
Point 5 is your driver number which is made up by a combination of your surname, year of birth, month of birth, first 2 initials of your forenames and your licence issue number.
Point 6 is your photograph.  On the first photocards the photo was in colour but they will now appear in black & white.
Point 7 is a copy of your signature, which is taken from your original application form.
Point 8 should show your permanent address.
Point 9 are the categories that you are entitled to drive, you can see further information on this category on the back of your photocard.
Points 10 and 11 are the dates you are entitled to drive each category listed, point 11 being the date that your licence expires.

How do I renew?
Approximately 2 months before you need to renew, you should receive a renewal application pack.  However, if you don’t receive this pack, simply go to the Post Office and get a D1 form, these are also available from the DVLA.

How much could I get fined?
It is vital that you check the validity of your photocard, particularly if you were one of the first to receive a photocard licence in 1998 or early 1999 as these cards will now need updating with a new photo.  If you are a qualified driver you are still entitled to drive should your photocard have expired but you run the risk of being charged with failing to renew your licence, which if this went to court could result in a fine of £1000. A hefty fine to pay if you consider that it only costs £17.50 to renew your photocard.

Car hire and photocards
A photocard is always required when renting a vehicle, as too is the paper counterpart.  The photocard is a vital tool in identifying the person renting a vehicle. You MUST also have the paper section of your driving licence with you as this shows the Rental Agent any endorsements.  One part will not be accepted without the other. Updating your photocard assists car rental companies like Sixt rent a car, as you know yourself how much you can change over a period of 10 years!
We want to make it as easy as possible to rent to you, so help us to help you,  update your card and don’t risk the fine!